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At Tuition Family Singapore, we carefully connect students with qualified and suitable tutors.

Tuition Family Singapore takes pride in suggesting the most appropriate tutors for your educational needs. Your search for a tutor ends with Tuition Family Singapore, as we provide you with the most perfectly matched ones.

Online and in-person private tuition

Community-built to enhance learning.

Quick Improvement

Excellent education methods to facilitate fast results.

All Levels, All Subjects

Catered for students across all educational levels and subjects.

No Minimum lessons

Flexible number of lessons, no commitment required.

Islandwide 1 to 1 home tuition in Singapore

On the lookout for a highly experienced private tutor in Singapore?

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Tuition Family Singapore is a reputable home tuition agency in Singapore that delivers exceptional home tutoring services to all students. No matter the topic matter, educational level, or geographical area – we are ready to assist you in selecting the best-suited private tutor in Singapore for you today!

  • 1 to 1 Home Tuition
  • Specialist private tutors across all levels
  • Inexpensive Private home tuition rates
  • Islandwide


A Highly Reliable Home Tuition Agency In Singapore, and more

As a committed home tuition agency in Singapore, we dedicate ourselves to ensuring that our skilled, knowledgeable, and friendly tuition coordinator does their best in assisting you to find a competent and experienced home tutor in Singapore. 

We firmly believe in providing the best service to our students – with no contract and minimum lesson requirements. At any time you may feel the private tutor is not a good fit, we will arrange to replace another better-suited private tutor in Singapore. Alternatively, you may have the option to terminate accordingly and simply pay for the lessons you attended.



Sought-After Tuition Subjects

At Tuition Family, our 1 to 1 home tuition offers a myriad of subjects to meet your every academic need. Here are a few popular tuition subjects helmed by our professional private tutors in Singapore:

Singapore Home Tuition

Maths Home Tuition

● Primary Maths
● Secondary: E Maths and A Maths
● Junior College: H1, H2, H3 Maths, and Olympiad Maths
● IP Maths and IB Maths
● Polytechnic Maths, and more.

Private Home Tuition Singapore

Chinese Home Tuition

● Primary, Secondary: Chinese and Higher Chinese
● JC, IP, IB Chinese

Private Home Tuition Singapore

Science Home Tuition

● Primary Science
● Secondary: Lower Secondary Science, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Pure and Combined Sciences
● JC, IP, IB Science

English Home Tuition

● Primary English, Secondary, IP, IB English

550 +
parents and students served
650 +
tutors in our database
37 +
tuition subjects available
1 +
years of experience

Other Subjects Available

Apart from the common tuition subjects, our certified home tutors in Singapore are well-versed in other subjects, such as:

Kindergarten to Adults

Why Choose Us
Best-Quality Private Home Tutors

As a leading home tuition agency in Singapore, we have over 50,000 quality Singapore home tutors in our database.

To ensure we find the ideal home tutor for you, we have a variety of devoted part-time home tutors, full-time home tutors, undergraduate home tutors, degree holders, as well as former and current school teachers.

Affordable Home Tuition Rates

Tuition Family Singapore firmly believes that good education does not necessarily have to come with exorbitant fees.

As a result, we make it our goal to negotiate the best possible home tuition rate without compromising on the standards and quality of each home tutor.

Cost-Free, No Hidden Fee

With a complimentary matching service, you simply pay for the lessons themselves. This is because commissions are obtained from the first income that the tutors are paid when they start the work. Therefore, our agency service is 100% free, you are only required to pay for the lessons taken.

Highly Dedicated Service

Our home tuition agency is committed to providing you with efficient and highly effective tuition services, taking the necessary steps to understand your requirements. Be assured that our pleasant and helpful staff, as well as home tutors, are committed to serving you and meeting all your educational needs.


As a parent in Singapore, you might have gone through the hassle and pain of engaging home tuition agency after agency without getting tangible results. Whether you believe it or not, getting the right tuition agency that provides a reliable and effective tutor is always a challenge. At Tuition Family Singapore, we offer highly dedicated home tuition agency service with our years of experience successfully pairing more than 20,000 students and tutors.

aida Mustaffaaida Mustaffa
13:18 22 Mar 22
Was impressed with tutor Jun Long! My daughter enjoyed tuition for the 1st time! He is very patient and knows how to tackle my daughter weak points for her Math. Thanks for the great recommendation 😁
L C LinL C Lin
13:24 25 Aug 21
Kelly is a great co-ordinatorShe is polite and patiece.The Chinese tuitor, Ms Iris Wang whom Kelly recommanded for my son is good and experience. My son has great improvement in his Chinese exam result.
Isabelle LimIsabelle Lim
10:43 04 Aug 21
Tutor coordinator is great! She pairs the available assignments fast. Absolutely trustable and reliable. Great in communication!
Delta GXDelta GX
09:49 04 Aug 21
I appreciate their service, v.professional, Kelly is v.friendly, responsive, helped me finding the tutor as soon as I requested.keep up the good work.
Julie LauJulie Lau
09:49 04 Aug 21
Kelly is the best coordinator I've met throughout my 10 years of tutoring. She is efficient and thoughtful. She will help you to meet your needs and so far I am very grateful for her to be on this journey with me! Thank you Kelly! ❤️

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Benefits Of Hiring A Private Tutor For Your Children

In recent polls conducted, nearly 8 out of 10 Singaporean parents with children in primary school pay for private tuition. Do you belong to the minority who doesn’t send your child for tuition lessons?

Being a full-time working parent doesn’t get time with their children. It’s even tougher to stay updated with the newest MOE syllabus. Therefore, sending children for tuition is unavoidable. Here in Singapore, people are so blessed with so many education and enrichment centres. On topmost of that, you must have the ease and expertise of home tutors who can provide children with 1-to-1 attention at your own pace.


There are many advantages to having a private tutor – here are just a few of them.

  1. Can work at a child’s pace. This is the MAIN advantage. When your child is lost or weak in a specific topic, the tutor can explain everything doubts from scratch and customize their lessons based on the child’s learning pace.

  2. Can give one-to-one attention. If your child understands more visual, has a short attention span, or prefers learning through activity, an experienced tutor can cater to their classes based on the child’s learning style and preferences.

  3. Can work on specific learning obstacles. Be it dyslexia, attention issues or behaviour problems, an expert and experienced tutor can support the child to advance in leaps and bounds.

  4. Can impart vital study/exam skills. It comprises time management, valued tips like summarizing & concentrating on titles while skim reading, and strategies like paying attention to what the teacher emphasis during class, to predict the content of future tests.

  5. Can be flexible in timing and convenient — a significant advantage, especially for working parents. Sometimes, fetching your child from the tuition centre can be very troublesome – difficulty in finding a car park, travelling time, etc.
Singapore’s Best Trusted Home Tuition Agency

When you are ready to engage the best home tuition agency in Singapore, get in touch with Tuition Family Singapore, and we can discuss:

Frequently Asked Questions

There are three different categories of private tutors in Singapore, namely:


  • Full-time private tutors: Full-time tutors are exceptionally proficient and in high demand because of their teaching abilities. They are the best solution if you feel that your child requires more assistance and guidance from a qualified professional.


  • Part-time private tutors (undergraduate and graduate): Undergraduate and graduate students often make up the part-time tutors in Singapore. On average, they are the most cost-effective option for 1 to 1 home tuition.


  • Former and current teachers: MOE-trained tutors are highly sought-after since they hold the National Institute of Education (NIE) qualification. Though they are well-versed in Singapore’s educational trends and typically the most up-to-date with the syllabus, they might have limited time for tuition and usually charge the most in Singapore private tuition.


Yes! A private tutor can assist students to not only earn higher scores, but also have a deeper comprehension of the subjects taught in school. A significant advantage of engaging in private tutors and private home tuition in general is that the lessons are tailored to the student’s learning pace. Should the student find that classes in school are too fast-paced to be grasped, they are always able to turn to their private tutors for assistance. 

The rates of a private tutor varies depending on the education level, type of tutor, and the home tuition agency in Singapore. At Tuition Family Singapore, the following are the average rates:

Lower Primary Private Home Tuition

  • Part-time private tutor: $25 to $30
  • Full-time private tutor: $35 to $40
  • Ex and current teacher: $50 to $60

Upper Primary Private Home Tuition

  • Part-time private tutor: $25 to $35
  • Full-time private tutor: $35 to $45
  • Ex and current teacher: $55 to $70

Lower Secondary Private Home Tuition

  • Part-time private tutor: $25 to $35
  • Full-time private tutor: $35 to $45
  • Ex and current teacher: $65 to $70

Upper Secondary Private Home Tuition

  • Part-time private tutor: $25 to $40
  • Full-time private tutor: $45 to $55
  • Ex and current teacher: $65 to $80

JC1 Private Home Tuition

  • Part-time private tutor: $45 to $60
  • Full-time private tutor: $55 to $80
  • Ex and current teacher: $90 to $120

JC2 Private Home Tuition

  • Part-time tutor: $45 to $60
  • Full-time tutor: $55 to $80
  • Ex and current teacher: $90 to $130

No, you do not need to pay any extra fees when engaging for private home tutors in Singapore. As a reliable private home tuition agency, rest assured that there are no agent fees and no strings attached so that you may request a private tutor with confidence.