3 Types Of Tutors: Which Tutor Works Best For Your Child?

3 Types Of Tutors: Which Tutor Works Best For Your Child

Suppose you have established that your child will be attending tuition to help them achieve better grades in school, and you have done the necessary research to compare whether online or home tuition has the best rates – in that case, what happens next? Well, just like how choosing the option between online and home tuition depends primarily on your child’s academic needs, the same applies when selecting a Singapore private tutor.


What are the types of tutors available in Singapore?

Before you ultimately engage a suitable tutor, it would be best to understand the different types of tutors primarily available in Singapore to take note of the options you have. This helps narrow down your choices before deciding on one that would be the best fit.

We have identified 3 different categories of tutors who are commonly available and present, namely:

1. Undergraduate and graduate tutors

Part-time tutors, often undergraduate or graduate students, provide a great example for their pupils. More often than not, they are admired and revered by students as they have excelled in their academic pursuits. Coupled with their practical knowledge of the subjects they teach, they frequently provide students with the drive and motivation to achieve excellent grades in school. They are, on average, the most cost-effective alternative for 1 to 1 home tuition in Singapore.

2. Full-time private tutors

Due to their teaching abilities, full-time private tutors are extremely competent and in great demand. With years of tutoring expertise, these educators are not only knowledgeable with the examination format and current syllabus, but they have also worked with pupils of all learning capacities. A full-time tutor is often the ideal option if you feel that your kid needs further guidance and support from a qualified professional since they can detect the weak areas that most students face. They do, however, demand significantly greater fees than the preceding tutoring group.

3. Former and current MOE teachers

All MOE-trained tutors hold the National Institute of Education (NIE) qualification, no matter former or current teachers. They are by far the most experienced teachers and, as a result, are highly sought-after. Current school educators work during the day and thus would likely have a limited amount of time available for tuition. On the other hand, ex-school teachers, who are mostly retired or no longer teach, may be eligible to offer extra tuition spots.

As these tutors are generally the most up-to-date with the syllabus, they are well-versed in Singapore’s evolving educational trends. Furthermore, they have also been taught how to cope with and manage various sorts of students. Certain MOE teachers may even be able to predict the questions that would most likely be asked during the exam. That said, they usually charge the most since they are professionally trained and taught to give high-quality outcomes.


Which tutor should I select for my child?

Prior to deciding the type of tutor that best suits your child’s learning requirements, a lot of thought and care is involved to ensure that you make the right choice for your child. While you might find it a challenging task to find a tutor who meets your child’s academic needs and standards, the process does not have to be as daunting as you think it to be!

Here are ideally some factors to consider to help you get started and identify what you are looking for:

  • Hourly online or home tuition rates
  • Tutor’s availability
  • Suitability of tutor’s chemistry and learning style

Regardless of whether your child is in primary school or junior college (JC), it would be ideal to ask for their input as well – this would assist you in understanding their comfort level based on the type of tutor. After all, they are the ones who would be spending the most time with their tutor.



As parents, it is normal and understandable to want the best for your child academically. But while it may be imperative on your end to find the best tutor as quickly as possible, it would be wise to be certain that you have done all the proper research beforehand to ensure that your child stays with the same tutor throughout who can help them attain the A’s they desire. This way, you would not have to worry about constantly finding and changing a new tutor every once in a while.

If you find yourself unable to allocate some time to do the necessary research due to a busy work schedule, fret not! At Tuition Family Singapore, we offer online and private home tuition for students looking to improve their grades. Catering to an islandwide location, we have a broad spectrum of tutors teaching a variety of subjects across all levels – primary, secondary, JC, IP, IB, and more! All there is to it is for you to submit a tutor request form according to your budget and needs, and let us do the rest. Have peace of mind as we do our best to provide a suitable tutor for your child!