4 Major Myths About Home Tuition And The Truths Behind Them

4 Major Myths About Home Tuition And The Truths Behind Them

Singapore has been labelled a ‘tuition nation’ because of the prevalence of private home tuition and tuition centres in the country. Although home tuition has already been gradually adopted in Singapore over the past decades, it experienced a massive spike in popularity when schools were closed due to the threats of the COVID-19 pandemic.

This unparalleled period has helped many parents realise that Singapore’s private tutors are excellent resources for their children’s education. However, despite the enormous popularity of home tuition in the country now, many individuals are still unaware of what exactly it is and its benefits. This is mainly due to the fact that a lot of misconceptions surround home tuition. Read on to find out some of the most common myths about home tuition and the truths behind them!

Myth #1: Home tuition is expensive

The most common reason why many parents hesitate to engage in home tutors is the notion that home tuition costs a fortune and is only for the rich. This may be true decades ago, but the home tuition industry has since focused on affordability and become more available to the masses in the last couple of years.

While home tutors with excellent qualifications and specialised backgrounds can indeed command higher rates, the average home tuition rates in Singapore are now more affordable for the average Singaporean household. Generally, home tuition costs around S$20 to S$120 per hour, depending on certain factors like the student’s level and the tutor’s experience.

Myth #2: Students learn better in class than through tutoring 

Learning through 1-to-1 home tuition in Singapore and learning in class is vastly different. For one, the lessons in home tuition are far more personalised and concentrated on the student’s learning needs. On the other hand, a classroom typically caters to the learning needs and styles of different individuals. Hence, there is a possibility that not all students in a class can learn their lessons entirely and deeply.

Moreover, students usually enjoy the benefit of having a question-and-answer portion with their home tutors, which is not always readily available in classrooms. Although this does not mean that one is better than the other, it also does not indicate that a student will learn better from one. In essence, both classes and private tuition are essential to a student’s educational development.

Myth #3: Home tuition is only for students who struggle academically 

Although the main objective of home tuition is to correct and assist students in improving their academic performances, this does not mean that home tuition is exclusively for struggling students only. Oftentimes, parents whose children are doing relatively well in class believe that there is no need for them to engage in home tutors. While this may be true for some students, there are several factors that might affect a student’s good performance outside of their class.

Exams are one thing to consider. Your child may be doing well in their classes and assignments but might have difficulties preparing for their exams due to various possible reasons, such as exam anxiety. If not addressed early on, this can adversely affect your child’s academic performance in the long run. Hiring a private tutor will help your child stay on top of their academics and overcome the problems that may impact their studies.

Myth #4: Tuition is only necessary during test periods or in preparation for college admission

While home tuition can effectively solve your child’s exam-related problems, perceiving it as a necessity only during test periods is incorrect. What many parents, who believe in this notion, fail to realise is that students usually require the most attention at the beginning of their learning journeys.

This is primarily because aside from improving a student’s understanding of their school lessons, home tuition also helps boost their study habits, confidence level, critical thinking, time-management skills, and many more. These things are not something that can be acquired overnight or crammed in a week or so. By hiring a home tutor, your child can develop these skills, which will be useful later in life, whether in academics or otherwise.


There are plenty of benefits that come with hiring a home tutor for your child’s education. However, at the same time, so much misinformation surrounds home tuition. These misconceptions are among the main reasons many parents are still hesitant to sign their kids up for private home tuition. Hopefully, the truths shared in this article will convince you otherwise!

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