5 Effective Tips To Enhance Performance On Actual Exam Day

5 Effective Tips To Enhance Performance On Actual Exam Day

There is no denying that as the exam day approaches, it brings about an anxious feeling to every student – all the sleepless nights paired with endless note-taking and problem-solving will finally be put to work. As the exam day gets nearer, it is perfectly normal for students to feel some stress thinking about it – it happens to the best of us, even if we know we have studied well and understood the material. This is why aside from all the preparation prior to the exam, it is essential to be prepared on the exam day itself.

Preparing for an exam can be overwhelming, so much so that it can cause some students to procrastinate until the last few days to study. In worst-case scenarios, some would even put it off until the very last minute and pull an all-nighter right before the exam day. While some students prefer to study alone or with friends, others seek additional guidance from private home tuition to help them prepare for the test. Whether you choose to study independently or require some help, these five tips can help improve your performance on the actual exam day;

1. Get some good rest!

This is undoubtedly one of the most important tips that most students take for granted – dedicating the night before the exam to rest. Unfortunately, it is a common sight for students to use this time to study and take down notes without realising that the sun will rise in just a few hours more. While you may feel more productive studying than resting, it is vital to have a clear mind and not get sleepy while tackling the exam questions. Thus, to interpret the correct answers in the exam, you should ideally get quality sleep the night before.

2. Have a good meal 

Aside from dedicating seven to nine hours for good sleep, a good meal on the day of the exam is beneficial to helping you focus when reading and answering the questions. Giving the brain the necessary nutrients allows it to perform at its best during the exam, recall important concepts, develop an excellent problem-solving method, and analyse the questions correctly. Virtually no one is able to think straight with an empty stomach, and hearing a constant rumbling while reading the questions will only distract you further – be sure to eat good food choices before the exam! Food rich in long-chain Omega-3 fats like smoked mackerel is excellent as they contain brain-boosting properties.

3. Arrive at the exam venue earlier

Undeniably no one wants to run late on the actual exam day. Thus, a good night’s sleep and a healthy breakfast before travelling to school are of utmost importance to arriving on time (or preferably earlier!). It would be best to avoid arriving right before the exam schedule; instead, aim to be at least 30 minutes earlier. That said, it is recommended to avoid reading your notes at this time. While you may be tempted to, reading your notes at the last minute can actually do more harm than good. Instead, take this ample time to settle down, relax, and prepare your mind for the exam.

4. Clear your mind 

As mentioned, some students may be tempted to cramp last-minute revisions and memorisation right before the exam. However, any last-minute unanswered doubts or confusion can and will only lead to anxiety, which may adversely affect how students answer the first few questions on the exam. To avoid this, perhaps try to ditch the notes at least 10 to 15 minutes before the exam starts. During this time, take deep breaths and clear your mind. It helps to fill your mind with positive thoughts as well.


5. Do not panic

It is normal to feel nervous while reading the exam questions, but the most important thing you should avoid is panic when you encounter complicated questions. Instead, try to calm down and remember as much as you can about what you have studied. If it helps, you can redirect your panic to thinking about how you will tackle this question. While it is easier said than done, panicking will not give you anything (except for stress and anxiety), so the best you can do is recall all that you have studied and try to apply what is relevant. If you find yourself taking too long to think of an answer, you can always skip the question and come back to it later!


No matter how much you enjoy or dislike exams, they are still essential to a student’s life. By following a healthy study routine and taking care of your physical and mental health, you will surely have no problems facing and tackling every exam question that comes your way.

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