5 Simple Tips You Can Utilise To Make Revision A Breeze

5 Simple Tips You Can Utilise To Make Revision A Breeze

Studying effectively can be beneficial, but is that enough to get by? Even the most studious among us can find revision and other academic pursuits monotonous at best. It can be especially discouraging if your efforts do not yield the expected results. Private home tuition can help a great deal in guiding you to achieve the grades you desire. However, even with additional help, the breadth of what you need to memorise and the topics you are expected to understand inside out can seem overwhelming. Most times, the advice given is just to grin and bear it.

Enjoying revision does not have to be a far-off, unreachable dream. Here, we share 5 simple ways you can put the enjoyment back into studying:


  • Do not do it alone

Studying does not have to be a lonely pursuit. If you have doubts, having someone else around you increases the chance of clearing them up. If you need someone to keep you in check or require simple encouragement, a study buddy can easily provide that. You may also learn better when sounding things out loud and thrive on discussion and dialogue.


  • Make note-taking fun

Notes are your best friend when conducting your own revision. Sometimes, though, staring at them for too long can make you feel exhausted and bored. Making note-taking fun is a great way to keep the interest alive, no matter how much time you spend reading and writing them. There are plenty of ways to do this if you are keen on unlocking the secrets of good note-taking – the simplest way to go about it would be to make your notes aesthetically pleasing to look at. To do so, you can consider getting fun notebooks and colourful pens. Stickers and stamps may seem silly, but they do help to boost morale and assist significantly with long-term engagement.


  • Use index cards

Index cards, also known as flashcards, go a long way to aid in memorisation and strengthening cognitive functions related to studying. It helps when trying to recall different topics at any point in time. Enough familiarisation with them, and you will also be able to form neural pathways that can be used for information retention.

Even writing index cards can be useful; if you come across a complicated subject or concept, it is best to try summarising it in the simplest words possible when making them. You can also use visual aids, such as drawings to make the experience more fun and engaging.


  • Play around with learning

Whoever said that studying is not all fun and games simply did not know enough. There are plenty of educational and informative games you can find online to help with revision. They take advantage of our competitive sides and challenge us to push ourselves in an almost subconscious way. If you are unable to find games regarding the topic you need them for, why not make your own? You can start by creating a narrative for yourself with your own rules and stakes. This works exceptionally well with humanities subjects.


  • Jam out to some tunes

Some people may find music a distraction, and that is fair. Everyone has brains that respond to stimuli differently. However, there is reason to believe that introducing music to a study session, especially if the said subject does not necessarily interest you, can be a productive endeavour. The best way to choose the types of songs that will benefit you is through trial and error. However, taking too long to pick can be a distraction on its own. Most people respond best to music that is less dramatic and more soothing. Generally, songs without lyrics work best to maintain a less distracted studying environment. For example, movie soundtracks, lo-fi music, and classical music are great options to keep in mind.



Revision is crucial and very much necessary to a healthy academic record, but that does not mean it has to be something you force yourself to do. With these tips, studying can be a fun and gratifying experience. And once you find yourself enjoying school, Tuition Family Singapore is here to guide you along the next step of the rest of your learning journey. Contact us for our reasonable home tuition rates and unparalleled tutoring expertise today!