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At Tuition Family, we believe that every student deserves a quality education, no matter the academic level. Hence, we pride ourselves on offering the best, high-standard English tuition in Singapore for students across all levels. Regardless of whether your child needs English tuition for O Levels or IB education, they are all welcomed here with us.


Here are the educational levels we cater to at Tuition Family:

With the right tutor, you can surpass your expectations

Finding an excellent and suitable English tutor in Singapore is crucial in ensuring that students are able to do well and reach their maximum potential. With a goal to help each student improve their grades quickly, we make sure that we source only the best and most reliable tutors specifically based on the student’s requirements and educational needs.


Our range of tutors comprises part-time and full-time tutors, undergraduate and graduate tutors, as well as former and current MOE teachers. These tutors typically have achieved excellent results in terms of their education or have accumulated many years of experience in teaching English; thus, further proving that they are highly qualified to teach English.

Why Us

Tuition Family is dedicated to providing the best English tuition in Singapore to students seeking to improve their overall English grade and achieve excellence in the English language. Our friendly, certified, and passionate tutors are ready to guide students through to the ‘A’ they deserve, whether primary or secondary English tuition.


If you are still on the fence about Tuition Family, here are additional benefits to Tuition Family’s English tuition that might help change your mind:

English Tuition in Singapore

In Singapore, English functions as the main language in terms of spoken and written. As English is required across all educational levels, it typically means that it is widely used across almost all subjects in school life. Thus, having a firm command of the language provides the groundwork for a significant part of a student’s education as well as life beyond that. When one masters English, not only will it serve as assistance to prepare them for the future, but it will also allow them to communicate well with others naturally.


A solid foundation and grasp of basic English components such as vocabulary and grammar are destined to help students go far in life. Additionally, English skills such as writing, speaking, reading, and listening are excellent abilities that ensure students fully comprehend English classes as well as Science and Maths concepts – ultimately excelling in all areas of their academic learning journey.


Therefore, starting early to polish English skills is key to doing well in school since the English syllabus in Singapore is consistent throughout all educational levels. However, achieving a high grade may seem challenging to some students as it requires organising thoughts well and being able to communicate them effectively and fluently in both writing and speaking scenarios. As a result, getting English tuition in Singapore will undoubtedly aid students in their journey to exceed personal expectations and acquire a newfound appreciation for English. Whether it be securing the best English tuition for O Levels or JC General Paper, rest assured that Tuition Family is here to help your child pass with flying colours. With highly skilled English tutors in Singapore, Tuition Family is definitely the one to pick!

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