Here’s How To Cultivate Good Learning Habits In Children

Here’s How To Cultivate Good Learning Habits In Children

Ever had the feeling that you might be forcing your child to study? Sometimes it can feel like pulling teeth just trying to get them interested in their classes or private home tuition sessions. However, you should not dismiss this as just the way things are. It is possible to cultivate good learning habits in your child that last a lifetime.

Let us give you a breakdown of the 4 steps you can take to achieve just that;


Get a head start

It might sound obvious, but the most fool-proof way to start stoking active learning is to strike when the iron is hot. This is the perfect time to encourage a love of learning and foster their curiosity. Younger children are more open and malleable, so it is easier for them to adapt to healthier behavioural and cognitive patterns.

Beginning while your child is younger also allows for more time for healthy habits to emerge and the advantages of these behaviours to be realised. Qualities such as leadership and effective public speaking, as well as dispositions such as an inquisitive spirit, must be nourished and developed over time; in contrast to content necessary for examinations, which may be learned much more rapidly. As parents, it would be best if you could take an active part in encouraging and fostering positive habits that help the development of critical skills.

Encourage improvement through a growth mindset

It is more important to encourage your child to aspire towards improvement than perfection. You do not want them to try to attain an unreachable standard because when they inevitably fall short, there will be lasting effects of dejection and lowered self-esteem. Asking them to seek betterment for themselves instead encourages a spirit of growth and determination.

In fact, individuals who perceive learning as a constant process of progress are more likely to succeed in the long term as opposed to students who pigeonhole themselves early on based on fixed concepts of intellect, skill, or temperament. Thus, the actions and guidance of parents are key in forming the child’s mindset.

Uplift your child above all else

It is imperative that your child is aware that they will always be able to talk to their family about anything. Without the understanding of their parents and family, their mental health might suffer, regardless of how well they do in school. Inevitably, this will affect every aspect of their life. In order for your child to perform well academically and in all other areas of their life, a healthy familial relationship should ideally be established – it should be clear to them that you value them above their success. This gives them room to breathe and motivates them to seek success for themselves, knowing that they have a robust support system along their journey.

Try, try again

When you ask anyone successful at anything what their secret is, the chances are that all will invariably say, “practice – and a whole lot of it.” It is an essential part of life; no matter how talented or intelligent a child is, one can only go so far without a steady stream of practice. It might seem tedious to them at first but helping them get the hang of it is half the fun! Remember to exercise patience and empathy when guiding your child along this essential step.


Every child learns at their own pace, as seen by how different the learning styles of introverts and extroverts are. While it is vital for parents to guide their children along this momentous journey, it is even more essential to take steps to ensure that they actually want to learn.

Fortunately, all of these steps can be taken at home, but we at Tuition Family Singapore will be glad to help guide them along the rest of the way. Our quality one-on-one tuition model guarantees that your child receives the tailored care and attention they deserve, all with very competitively priced home tuition rates. Contact us at any time to learn more!