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Allow Tuition Family to help you locate a private tutor that offers low-cost home tuition rates in Singapore.

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Here at Tuition Family, we dedicate ourselves to providing our students with highly qualified tutors that have impressive track records. As a leading tuition agency in Singapore, check out some of the benefits you gain from engaging us:

Average Home Tuition Rates of the Year 2022

As we charge by the hour, our home tuition rates are based on an hourly basis. While relatively affordable on average, prices typically vary depending on the practical expertise and qualifications of the home tutor. Here are our tutors’ qualifications based on the type of tutor:

Home Tuition Rates

As much as possible, Tuition Family strives to offer inexpensive home tuition rates that cater to the needs and requirements of students, regardless of their level of education. Here are our private tutor rates based on the education level and type of tutors:

Level Type of Tutor Rates per hour
Lower Primary Part time tutor $15 – 25
Full time tutor $25 – 35
Ex/Current teacher $45 – 55
Upper Primary Part time tutor $20 – 30
Full time tutor $30 – 40
Ex/Current teacher $45 – 60
Lower Secondary Part time tutor $20 – 35
Full time tutor $35 – 45
Ex/Current teacher $50 – 65
Upper Secondary Part time tutor $25 – 40
Full time tutor $40 – 50
Ex/Current teacher $50 – 70
JC 1 Part time tutor $35 – 45
Full time tutor $45 – 80
Ex/Current teacher $80 – 100
JC 2 Part time tutor $35 – 45
Full time tutor $50 – 80
Ex/Current teacher $90 – 120

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    Quality Tutors with Quality Experience

    With a goal to help each student improve their grades quickly, we ensure we source only the best and most reliable tutors specifically based on their requirements.

    MOE Teachers In Singapore

    The National Institute of Education (NIE) certification is held by all the MOE teachers who are tutors, regardless of whether they are current or former teachers. These tutors are usually the most up-to-date with the curriculum and have been trained to cope as well as handle different types of students. Since they are specifically trained and taught to deliver quality results, they typically prefer a greater fee.


    Undergraduate And Graduate Private Tutors In Singapore

    Private tutors who are undergraduate or graduate learners typically provide a wonderful example for their students. They are adored and respected by pupils since they have achieved excellent results in terms of their education. More often than not, they empower students with the motivation to attain high marks in addition to their practical understanding of the subjects they coach.


    Full-Time Private Tutors In Singapore

    Private tutors who work full-time are highly qualified. These tutors have encountered students with a wide range of learning capacities. If you believe your child requires additional help and support or a knowledgeable individual, a full-time tutor is generally the best alternative.


    Exclusive Tuition For Your Child, at Your House

    Tuition Family firmly believes that finding the ideal tutor should not be challenging. Hence, we have made it our aim to provide committed and experienced home tutors for various subjects to help your child have a seamless educational experience.


    1 to 1 Home Tuition Subjects:

    As part of our 1 to 1 home tuition, these are the subjects taught by our professional tutors:

    ● Maths, E Maths, A Maths, H1 & H2 Maths
    ● Science, Chemistry, Biology, Physics
    ● English, Literature, Creative Writing, Phonics
    ● Chinese, Higher Chinese
    ● Malay
    ● Tamil, Higher Tamil
    ● Social Studies, History, Geography
    ● Economics
    ● Accounting, POA, and more…


    1 to 1 Home Tuition Levels:

    As a committed tuition agency, our 1 to 1 home tuition caters to these educational levels:

    ● Kindergarten
    ● Primary
    ● Secondary
    ● JC
    ● IP
    ● IB
    ● Polytechnic
    ● Adults


    Tuition Family’s home tuition rates in Singapore are based on an hourly rate. Prices vary depending on the practical expertise and qualifications of the home tutor. The rates given above are in Singapore dollars (SGD).


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