Homework Woes: How To Motivate Your Child To Enjoy Doing It

Homework Woes: How To Motivate Your Child To Enjoy Doing It

Ensuring children do their homework after school is essential. For one, it teaches them to be more responsible by helping them understand that they have duties to fulfil. For another, doing assignments at home supports the learning process because they can apply everything they are taught in school and prepare them for the following lessons. One way to make doing homework more manageable and less burdensome for your child is to engage in private home tuition to guide them, especially when you do not have time to supervise your child’s assignments.

However, with the addition of technology today, children can be easily distracted by mobile devices or other gadgets. In other cases, they can sometimes get too caught up in activities outside of school that they tend to forget about their homework. This can be a problem for parents, especially those who need to juggle their time between being a career parent and a homemaker. But the key to making it easier for children to do their assignments at home is for them to learn to view it as a fun and engaging thing to do rather than as a chore.

Take a look at the following tips to help you motivate your child to enjoy completing their homework as much as playing games;

1. Do not be a perfectionist

The schoolwork your child has finished may not appear to be of high quality, but it is done and done. When you respond, “this is not good enough; try it again,” your child will be disappointed, believing their efforts were in vain. If this occurs often, your child might conclude that they do not want to deal with it and accept failure in advance. Hence, if you notice mistakes in your child’s schoolwork, assist them in correcting them but never ask them to redo the entire homework once more.

2. Let your child make their own decisions

It is always a good idea for your child to plan and keep track of their daily activities. Instead of setting plans for them, it would be better to educate them on how to be organised and have a planned life. Allow them to establish their own homework plan or provide them with numerous possibilities. For instance, inquire as to what time they would like to complete their assignments. You may find that you will no longer have to remind them to finish their schoolwork repeatedly if you reach an agreement.

Once your child establishes a suitable time, you may do your part to confirm and adhere to it. Studying and doing homework at the same time every day is a crucial element. As a result, this plan should ideally not be altered on a regular basis. By keeping the same routine, your child will learn to finish their responsibilities without making procrastination a habit. Otherwise, they may tend to put off homework until after they have gone to bed. Everyone, adults included, loses drive when they put off their responsibilities. Hence, determining homework time is beneficial for getting it done.

3. Help your child, but only when needed

It is always a wonderful thing for a parent to assist their child with their homework. When doing so, you would typically attempt to clarify the solution so that they are able to learn while not losing focus or time. However, it is critical for you to recognise whether your child makes asking you for the solution a habit.

Sometimes it becomes a habit for them to seek assistance from their parents, and they stop trying altogether – they believe their parents will always be there to assist them in completing their schoolwork. As this circumstance occurs, again and again, your child will grow lazy and lose their feeling of responsibility. The best you can do is encourage them to research and show them which sources might be helpful for their homework.

4. Teach your child about ownership

Most parents have a tendency to feel their child’s disappointment more than they do. This frustrates the child because they might think they are a failure. As a result, they will become more demotivated and neglect their assignments.

To keep your child motivated, allow them to own their life more. Let them choose what to do and what not to do and face the consequences of their decisions. They will start to feel ownership of their actions, allowing them to be more mindful and caring of the people and things around them, including their schoolwork. This can also help them figure out what truly motivates them.


Seeking the assistance of a 1 to 1 home tuition in Singapore in helping your child improve their performance in school is one of the best ways to make them enjoy doing homework. This is because they can have someone to always guide them on how to study effectively and motivate them to do better, especially on days when they might be extra busy due to other responsibilities.

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