How to determine home tuition market rates for Pre School students

How to determine home tuition market rates for Pre School students. When it comes to setting up for home tuition rate, several factors that tutors must take into consideration, but some requirements must be put in place for education to be successful. Taking these issues into account before determining how much to charge can ensure that the process is successful.

The cost of materials and supplies

Before becoming a tutor, you must have a carefully planned curriculum in mind. You should have a list of all the materials that you require and how much they will cost you. It’s essential to consider the cost of books, art supplies and anything else that you think you will need for your day to day operations.

While most of these expenses are one time, some will require monthly or even quarterly payments. Once you’ve calculated your list of costs, the rule of the thumb is to make sure that you get back all the money that you’ve spent.

Do your research

Before you even set your home tuition rates, it’s essential to research, so you know how much other tutors in the area are charging or the market rate. It’s necessary to consider the services that you’ll offer and the type of education you intend to provide. If you are planning to serve low-income children, then you need to keep in mind that some of them who severely need the tuition may not be able to afford.

Determining the rates for private tuition

Preschool and early childhood students are often charged almost the same way across the area. It’s, therefore, essential to consider any additional features that you may offer that your competitors don’t. All these also depend on whether you are highly trained or not. And you need to understand your potential customers, so you know how to charge them.

Some times with all the advancements in technology and higher quality education students can only pay what they can afford. Ironically, there are areas where if you set your tuition rates too low, you might create a perception that you are not offering quality services.


Overall, after carefully analyzing all these factors and have decided how much in terms of home tuition rates you wish to charge, you can start offering your services without looking back. Unless your standards are too high, you should not worry much about the competitors’ rates for private tuition.