How to Ensure A Fruitful & Effective Tuition for Your Child?

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To Ensure A Fruitful & Effective Tuition for Your Child. Bringing quality tuition in the comfort of your home. Quality Home Tuition Expert in Singapore. Every student should be allowed to reach their maximum potential. You believe in connecting students with passionate and determined tutors who will strive for excellent results.

Everyone must follow these tips to ensure further that their children can enjoy tuition more fruitfully, and also to ensure the safety of the students.

Verify the tutor’s credentials:

Due to personal data protection, some tutors are unwilling to provide their documents (especially identification papers such as NRIC and MOE Teacher’s Pass) to tuition agencies. However, parents can request to see their certificates to verify their credentials. It is to ensure that the tutors have the proper expertise and capabilities for the tuition.

Arranging tuition to be in a more open area:

Do try to arrange the lesson to be conducted in free space like the living room, or at the very least, leave the room door open if teaching is in an enclosed room (like the student’s room). It can allow both the student and the tutor to be confident that the tuition is conducted professionally, leaving less room for any disputes.

Presence of family members:

Ultimately, the tutor is still very much a visitor and having an adult family member can safeguard the safety of both the student and the house.

Monitoring the number of lessons:

Some parents may feel that their children should take on greater responsibility and be more independent, so they will leave it to their children to arrange lessons with tutors themselves. A highly commendable, but the students may not have the experience yet to monitor the number of lessons conducted. As such, there may be problems arising, especially when it comes to settling tuition fees. Hence, parents monitor the lessons conducted and keep a record to reduce the possibility of any issues arising.

Take feedbacks:

Most parents will ask for feedback from tutors after lessons, but they should also get feedback from their children as well. Input from tutors can indeed be used to improve students’ performance further, but getting feedback from students also helps to find out if there is any way to further increase the teaching effectiveness during lessons. More importantly, any unhappiness or disputes can detect during the initial readings, and proactive measures can be implemented to correct the situation.

With these tips, parents can help to create a better tuition setting, and with more interaction with their children, a better relationship between parents and children can nurture.

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