Is Private Tuition Necessary in Singapore?

Singapore is one of the countries offering World-class education. Therefore, students here are expected to perform well in their studies. For this reason, many parents are considering private tuition in Singapore. With the level of education becoming competitive and complex every day, hiring a private tutor has become irresistible.

Many Singapore parents consider private tuition one of the best methods to improve their child’s grades. Note that good grades help one get better courses which means better jobs. But is private tuition in Singapore really necessary? Keep reading to find out.

Why Should You Consider Private Tuition?

The main reason why private tuition is important is it offers individual attention. Students can be in the same class, taught by the same teacher, yet some students will perform better than others. That is because classes are designed to benefit most and not all of the students. Each student is expected to stay competent, regardless of their learning capacities.

But, studies are becoming increasingly complex, making it hard to adapt to all classes. Plus, the teacher and the entire class cannot wait until one child adapts or gets the concepts. That is why a private tutor is important.

You can choose the type of teaching for your child, and the time they are comfortable learning. As such, it makes learning flexible and comfortable, which is why private tuition in Singapore is more popular. The tutor will pay special attention to their students, ensuring they fully understand the concept. Even if your child is a slow learner, they will walk with them until they understand what is being taught.

Besides that, private tuition:
Offers an adaptive learning environment that suits a student’s specific needs. Tutors can adjust their teaching style for the benefit of their students.
Helps children achieve better grades in the subjects they are struggling with by helping a student build excellent study habits.
Allows children to learn at their own pace and prepare for their exams efficiently.

When Does a Child Need Private Tuition?


Your child may need private tutoring for various reasons, including:

They did not understand the essential skills which need to be re-taught.

They may have a learning disability that impairs their learning capacity and affects their progression in class.

Their organizational talents are limited, so they can’t continue reading and finishing classroom assignments.

How to Choose Private Tuition in Singapore

Finding the best private tuition for your child in Singapore can be tricky. But the following tips can help simplify the decision.


Talk to your child first

They are the ones who will be tutored. Therefore, they need to be involved in making this decision. Otherwise, they will be defiant. Make them see why you think having a tutor is good for them, and help them see how a tutor can help them. Also, find out where your child needs help and the requirements needed. With this information, you may hire the right tutor for them.

Look around the neighbourhood

Many people start at this point when looking for a private teacher for their children. Since you know your area well, you can easily identify whether a person will make the best teacher for your child.
Alternatively, you can search online for a private tuition agency. These agencies usually have many tutors available. Therefore, you can easily find someone for your child. You can also ask for recommendations from your friends and family.
Then list the tutors you have found and try to match them to your requirements. That way, finding the right person for you will be easier.

Consider experience

Now that you’ve found several people to work with, it’s time to narrow your list. When choosing a tutor, consider the experience the teachers have. It is better to work with someone with years of experience than a tutor who has just started.
At the same time, find out their skills and capabilities, like the degrees they have and the subjects they specialize in. It is important to find someone who can give your child practical guidance in the areas they are struggling with.
Private Tuition Vs. Group Tuitions
Most parents don’t know whether to enrol their children in group or private tuition. Group tuition seems like an affordable option. However, when looking for tuition for your child, it is wise not to keep finances as your top priority. Instead, think about what your child will gain from it. While private tuition may be expensive, they are better since group tuition offers the same setup as the school. So, some children may have the same challenges they experience at school.
Can My Child Succeed Without Private Tuition?
A recent study revealed that 52% of parents believe tutors will help their children be up to par with class work. And another 46% believe that tuition helps their kids stay competitive. Although tuition offers some advantages, your child can succeed without it. Before opting for a tutor, think of enrolling your child in a good institution with excellent teachers. That may help your child perform well in their studies. If this doesn’t work, consider enrolling them for private tuition in Singapore.