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Any difference for Maths home tuition rates in Singapore?

Updated: May 25

Any difference for Maths home tuition rates in Singapore?

When it comes to accessing math aid, not all students have the same opportunities. It usually depends on their guardian’s financial condition and whether they have the means to hire them a tutor. Price is always the deciding factor for many families.

However, since there are services that are available for all budgets, not all tutoring have to break the bank. Let’s have a look at the maths home tuition rates in Singapore.

How much do home tuition agencies charge for Maths tuition?

Each home tuition agency usually has their rates. For home tuition agency business, running costs and taxation may result in high for home tuition. To ensure that they are reputable, these agencies usually require their tutors to have at least a minimum of grade A in the subject that they intend to tutor. They can guarantee an agreed methodology and a certain level of qualification, so the students get the most of the sessions.

However, after-tax and other deductions the tutors aren’t left with a lot.

The price of maths tuition from an undergraduate student

Recruiting an undergraduate or A level maths tutor is increasingly becoming the most common way for those who want to study math.

These home tutors are usually in search of tutoring jobs so they can get extra pocket money hence are happy to help younger students with their learning. Here are the rates that they charge for maths lessons

• $40 for IGCSE maths.

• $45 for A level Maths.

• $30 for a GCSE small group session.

• $30 for A level and small group session.

N/B all these rates are per hour.

However, as with tutors for other subjects, the rates usually are adjusted depending on the level of study.

Having a one on one private home tutor can also be quite beneficial since the tutor is always familiar with the relevant skills hence still feels comfortable helping their student with the maths curriculum requires of them. Although private home tutoring is the best, it’s ultimately up to the parent to decide whether this mode of home tutoring is what they are looking.


Generally, what you pay for private math tutor depends on whom you approach and what kind of home tuition agency you are dealing with. For instance, a certified and qualified teacher is likely to charge more than an undergraduate. The location also plays an important role when it comes to this. The level of experience that one has will also determine the rates.

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