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Home Tuition Singapore Rates- Factors to Consider

Updated: May 29

Home Tuition Singapore Rates- Factors to Consider

Do you know how much should you expect to pay a private tutor in Singapore? Well, the exact tuition rate that you pay may vary depending on the logistical arrangements, the tutor prices and the subject matter at hand. As you can expect, the extremely qualified teachers with a good reputation are always in high demand. Here are some of the factors for you to consider when negotiating home tuition rates with potential tutors.

Demand and supply

As compared to other subjects, the rates for some subjects might be high because there is a higher demand for such subjects than the number of private teachers who are available. The balance between demand and supply for tutors may also vary from time to time, depending on the market changes. It may even be harder to find tutors for subjects that most students struggle with, such as chemistry, mathematics, and physics. The rates for rare subjects such as literary arts and history may also be higher.

Examination time

If you're looking for a private tutor for a child in primary six or secondary 4, you can expect to pay more in terms of rates significantly. Stakes are always higher when the examinations are around the corner, especially if you are looking for one towards the end of the year.

You always get what you pay.

Private tutors have invested a lot of time and money in being trained and guided for their profession. You can only expect to pay a lot although you may be able to get a cheaper rate for a private tutor with lower qualifications and less experience you may still need to pay him depending on the market rates.

However, in some instances, private home tutors may accept lower rates if they are staying nearby or if you can arrange for your child to go to their place.

The rate may also depend on the home tuition agency.

Depending on the home tuition agency that you choose you may also pay higher or lower rates. That is why it's essential to do enough research and ensure that you look for a private tutor from the best home tuition agency.


Those are some of the factors to consider when negotiating home tuition rates in Singapore. If you're looking for the best private tutor, you need to consider the subjects, the qualification of the tutor, the home tuition agency and the season. This way, you will end up with the best rates.

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