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How much are you willing to spend on education?

How much are you willing to spend on education?

There’s a great quote that summarises the importance of

education—“education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to

those who prepare for it today.” Indeed, education is pivotal—not just to our

present, but also—to our futures as individuals and as a society. Education

broadens one’s horizons, leading to new ideas, perspectives and

opportunities. And indeed, most Singaporeans understand the importance of

education, which is why many are willing to spend on it. And one of the ways

we can prepare for the future is by signing up for home tuition Singapore


However, these additional classes come with a price tag; on top of school

fees, this may pose an economic worry to families. Yet, we still find many

Singaporeans are eager to spend, sometimes exorbitant amounts, on education.

Why is that? Because education is an investment. While results may take

months, or even years, to reveal themselves, education is often worth more

than it costs.

Here are some benefits of spending on tuition. By enrolling in tuition,

students can reinforce what they have learnt in school. As a parent, perhaps

you have gone through a similar experience of having questions in class but being unable to raise your doubts in time. And indeed, the classroom can be a

daunting environment, particularly for less extroverted individuals.

Furthermore, school teachers also face the daunting task of handling tens of

students, at times up to forty of them, simultaneously. It’s inevitable that

some slip through the cracks. This is where private tuition comes in. Apart

from having smaller class sizes that benefit learning, tuition can also enrich

students’ lives, teaching them new skills outside of the school curriculum. For

instance, tutors can customise and introduce unique learning methods for

each student that may prove more suitable and effective. With such directed

guidance, students are sure to ace their exams.

Most importantly, tuition calibrates students attitudes towards learning. By

engaging in classes outside of school, students are introduced to the concept

of life-long learning. By allowing students opportunities to learn outside of

campus, they start to understand the different forms in which learning can

occur. Our first Prime Minister, Mr Lee Kuan Yew, was also a staunch advocate

for continual learning. He was quoted as saying, “I have never ceased to be a

student. I have never ceased to learn.” By enrolling in tuition, students get

the opportunity to adopt and practice this mindset from a young age.

Thereby, setting them up for life success.