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Why you can’t Ignore Home Tuition Agency Singapore

Updated: May 29

Why you can’t Ignore Home Tuition Agency

Have you ever asked yourself why you need a home tuition agency? Well, you can try finding a home tutor all by yourself, posting on free advertising websites and forums. You can even manage to find one by asking your neighbours or via word of mouth. If you are resourceful enough, it may work for you. But still, you should get a home tuition agency.

Engaging the services of home an agency has many hidden perks that you may not even realize at first. Read through to learn some of them.

Getting teachers who are serious from the start

When tutors seek jobs through a home tuition agency, they are more committed to long term work than those whom you engage on their own. Since most tutors give up to 50% of their first income to the agency as commissions, to make their time worthwhile, they must keep their students for the long term.

You get value for your money.

Do you know that most parents who find tutors by themselves are paying more than they should not? By why, when you are asking your friend or neighbour to help your child, it’s not easy to negotiate. The fact is, through home tuition agency Singapore coordinators understand the market hence will negotiate on your behalf. Plus, since they know that they are competing with other teachers, they ensure that their rates are as low as possible.

You are bound to get the best tutor.

Home tuition agency usually uses registered teachers. When you get in touch with them to get a tutor, they will first consider your choice and requirements so that they can give you a tutor that will provide you with the best.

You minimize the chances of getting a rogue tutor.

If you ask a neighbour or a friend to come and tutor your daughter, have you asked yourself whether you know them well or not? If the tutor does anything rogue or illegal, how can you pursue the case? Applying for jobs through an agency have to leave all their details, including full name, address, past school, age, and much more. More so, agencies give priority to tutors they have dealt with before because they know them well.

They have a large database of teachers

By having an extensive database of teachers, they can easily track the skills that the tutor has depending on the areas that your child needs help with it. For case in point, if you have a student who is doing well but has issues with sciences, it’s easy to get a tutor who specializes in sciences to handle that issue.

Wrap up

There you have it — the reasons why you need to find a home tuition agency Singapore company. Since home tuition is very costly, you have every right as a parent to get the best tutor for your child.

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