GP Private Tuition for JC Students in Singapore


Mastering English is never easy, especially when you have to use it in the context of argumentative writing. 

General Paper (GP), the substitute for English, is a compulsory H1 subject within the A-level syllabus in Singapore that many Junior College (JC) students struggle with every year. While GP and English may seem similar, the truth is that GP requires a good command of English and content mastery as well as reliable knowledge of global affairs and general issues. 

If your child is battling with essays in GP, that’s where Singapore private tuition comes in.

We are a dedicated Singapore-based tuition agency aiming to match students and experienced tutors from our vast database. Our tutors are experienced and have an admirable track record offering tailored 1-to-1 home tuition in Singapore, so you can be sure to get a tutor who best serves all your child’s needs. Precisely, our handpicked tutors adopt a holistic approach to teaching and guiding JC students on how to master and synthesize the content required for different components. 

As part of preparing your child and other JC students for the A-level exams, our tutors also help learners build up their content knowledge, leaving them with a wealth of general knowledge for easy application. 

What makes us different?

The best Singapore private tuition should equip students with more than just General Paper knowledge and exam techniques. Over the years, our agency has provided thousands of JC students with real help and expert guidance by matching them with experienced GP tutors. 

Unlike in the classroom environment where your child can’t get the attention and patience they need to excel, our tutors adopt and utilize teaching styles and learning schedules tailored to your child’s needs and learning speed. The ultimate goal is to ensure your child learns more efficiently and effectively in preparation for their GP examinations. 

Guided by experience, our tutors will pinpoint your child’s weaknesses in GP and help them work on those weaknesses. 

Our experienced GP tutors focus on helping your child;

  • Improve their proficiency in English
  • Understand the requirements of different types of questions and the necessary skills to answer them
  • Improve essay writing techniques 
  • Widen their general knowledge and effectively put their ideas on paper

We have made it our goal to help parents and JC students get the assistance they need to excel in the A-Level GP examination. Along with assisting students in working on their confidence, learning ability, comprehension skills, language skills, and general knowledge, our GP tutors also provide assignments and practices to encourage students to practice independently. 

We have an impressive database of expert GP tutors who are genuinely interested in helping your child excel. So let’s help you get the best tutor for your child’s needs!

Benefits of GP tuition in Singapore

General Paper can be challenging, especially if the learner is not adequately prepared. Private tuition can help your child at Junior College in several ways, including equipping them with the skills they need to ace GP and preparing them to meet workplace demands. Here are some of the benefits your child will reap from our General Paper – GP tuition:

1. Learning at their pace

Teachers usually go at their own pace at school, and it is infeasible to go over concepts a few times. Considering that it can be difficult for students to follow the teacher’s pace and absorb all the content within a short period, the classroom mode of teaching leaves most students disadvantaged. 

Private tuition fills this gap by tailoring teaching style to your child’s learning pace. In addition, our tutors will individualize approaches to ensure your child adequately prepares for the GP examination. 

2. Freedom of expression

Understanding a learner’s weakness is critical to helping them learn. Unlike in a school setting where your child’s fear of being ridiculed might stop them from asking vital questions and speaking out about their weaknesses, private tuition creates a conducive environment for your child to express themselves. 

Our tutors will create an ideal environment for your child to open up, which will help them identify all weaknesses and address them accordingly.

3. Additional resources and sturdy materials

Our tutors are equipped with past papers, consolidated notes, and other resources to help your child understand and comprehend English more deeply. 

4. Professional mentoring and guidance 

Aside from teaching experience, our tutors serve as mentors. They help JC students solve non-academic issues that threaten their performance in school. 

Our trained and experienced tutors in Singapore are waiting to give your child the undivided attention and skills they need to excel. For more information on how we can help you and your child at Junior College, Tuition Family Singapore is here to assist you! We offer online and 1-to-1 home tuition for students who are either having a hard time in school or simply wish to enhance their learning skills and study habits. To find the best tutor for your child, do not hesitate to fill out the request form available on our website according to your budget and requirements!