Private Tutors vs. Tuition Centers: Which One Has the Best Rates?

Unlocking Academic Success: Benefits of One-to-One Home Tuition in Singapore

Private Tutors vs Tuition centres: Which One Has the Best Rates? With parents spending a lot of money at tuition centres and on private tutors, tuition in Singapore is a billion-dollar industry. These after school sessions are designed such that they can help Singaporeans boost their marks so that they can compete with other students in top tier schools.

In general, tuition boils down to either getting a home tutor or going to a tuition centre. So which one has the best rates?

When you decide between the two, here are the factors to consider.

Are you looking for two for one deal?

As compared to the tuition centres, some private tutors will agree to tuition two students at once at a discounted rate. For instance, a private tutor may be willing to tutor two students for $110 per hour instead of $130 per hour. This means that as a parent, you’ll end up paying less for a home tuition rate if you hire a private tutor.

What happens during makeup lessons?

Most tuition centres are not obligated to provide any makeup lessons, especially if the problem is you. For instance, if your child falls ill, they may not be compelled to provide for makeup lessons even if you’ve paid for the full fees. It’s, therefore, essential to check the terms and conditions before signing up with them. On the contrary, private tutors are much more flexible. Most of them are not only willing to shift dates but can also provide makeup lessons without any additional cost. Due to this reason, it may be more cost-effective to engage them.

Are the travel time and transport fare justified by the savings?

Although tuition centres might be cheap, you should consider all the logistical impacts that are involved. For instance, if your child has to travel, they will not only spend money on fare but also waste precious time on the journey to and from the tuition centre. As a rule of thumb, it’s, therefore, worth paying more money for private tutors if you are looking for the best home tuition rates in Singapore.

Tutor strident ratio

Unlike the tuition centre where one teacher teaches several students in private tuition, the student has all the available time to ask the tutor questions. In the long run, the child will gain much.

Wrap up

When you are deciding whether to enrol your child at a tuition centre or engage a private tutor, if you are looking for the best private tutor, make sure you get one from a home tuition agency. They will give you the best home tuition rate in Singapore.

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