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Recommended English Tutor Singapore

The benefits of having an English tutor are not limited to the improvement of one’s language skills. It has many other advantages too, which might encourage you to seek one even if your proficiency in English is already excellent.

1. Improved communication skills

Being proficient in the English language does not necessarily mean that you can communicate effectively. An effective communicator must be able to speak and write well. A recommended English tutor in Singapore may help you learn how to speak less formally and write more creatively.

2. Greater command over grammar

The knowledge you gain from a recommended English tutor in Singapore will improve your understanding of grammar rules. You’ll come to realize that there are exceptions, especially when it comes to idioms, colloquialisms, and phrasal verbs. This will help you to apply the grammar rules correctly in your writing and speech.

3. Improved understanding of literature

A recommended English tutor in Singapore helps you understand basic literary terms, such as figurative language, allusion, and metaphor, essential for analyzing any kind of text, including novels, poems, and plays.

4. Access to a wider variety of media

A recommended English tutor in Singapore can give you access to educational books, audio-visual materials (e.g., DVDs), and other kinds of references that widen your repertoire of vocabulary, knowledge, and opinion.

5. Improved confidence in English

Being proficient in the English language does not necessarily mean that you can communicate effectively. An effective communicator must be able to speak and write well. An English tutor may help you learn how to speak less formally and write more creatively.

When students start learning about literature, they often get overwhelmed by the new vocabulary words they encounter. Learning about literary terms such as figurative language, allusion, and metaphor, allows them to read any kind of text, including novels, poems, and plays, with better comprehension. If you plan to take English literature classes in the future, it might be a good idea to look for an appropriate recommended English tutor now.

Good English Tutor For Primary School

Children in primary school need to develop their English skills so they can do well for their PSLE. Therefore, parents look for good English tutors who can help their children excel in the subject. Here are some tips on how you can find a good English tutor.


1) Look online

The internet is an excellent resource when it comes to finding information about any topic under the sun. There are many websites offering lists of recommended private tutors. You may also approach your friends and neighbour who has successfully found an English tutor for their children with this method before, as they will be able to give you useful advice and referrals based on experience.

2) Talk to teachers at your children’s school.

The teachers in your children’s school may be able to recommend a private tutor whom they had worked with before or had come for workshops at their school. You can also approach these tutors directly, as some may offer part-time hourly rates if your child requires extra help outside of normal school hours.

3) Ask around on online parenting forums and groups

Parenting forums and Facebook groups are good places where parents can exchange information about different topics, including finding a good tutor for their children. There is no guarantee that all advice given on such channels is factually correct, so do your research to crosscheck facts before deciding.

4) Ask around at your children’s tuition centre

Tutors are often looking for students. Sometimes they have additional slots available or are willing to work extra hours to help students get ahead for their PSLE. This is because the competition among English tutors is fierce. If you cannot find one who offers private lessons, perhaps you can approach them about hiring them part-time or even full-time to help your child prepare for his PSLE.

Your child will need a tutor to help them with their English if they want to get ahead in the future. A good English tutor for primary school is necessary, and we can provide you with one that fits your needs.

Qualities of a Good English Secondary School Tutor in Singapore

Nowadays English tuition is becoming popular and especially for high school students. It helps to boost the confidence of the students through good pronunciation, and ability to communicate clearly and also helps improve their English grades. So what should you consider when looking for an English tutor, or how should you tell that your kid is working with the right tutor if you have already hired one? Good English tutors in Singapore should have the following qualities:

  • Ability to build a rapport with their students; the tutor you hire should have the ability to develop a personal relationship with your kid. This way he or she will find out about the strengths and weaknesses of a student and create lessons that will meet the needs of the student.
  • Should be one that communicates with the parents regularly: A good tutor is one that will often communicate with the kid’s parent to give a report of the progress that the student is making and also learn more about the kid’s Character with the aim of helping him or her.
  • Should have an open relationship with the students; Good tutors have a good relationship with their students, which helps them earn their trust and learning, therefore, becomes easy since they can ask questions freely and express themselves.
  • Act responsibly and professionally; A good tutor acts professionally and respectably; any personal information the student shares should remain confidential.
  • Flexible and patient; A good tutor should be patient with a student and flexible in that he or she can change teaching techniques and approaches to meet the student’s needs.

With a good English tutor in Singapore, you can rest assured that your kid will enjoy the learning experience and make improvements in grades and communication.

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