Terms and condition

Important Guidelines and Agreements for Utilization of Our Services

Our mission is to link parents and students with competent tutors; however, it is important to emphasize that we cannot promise that the tutor’s instruction will lead to improved grades for the student.

Our company holds the belief that the collective efforts of parents and tutors are essential for enhancing the educational experience and driving positive outcomes. Both parties are encouraged to engage in a reciprocal commitment to ensure optimal progress.

Parents play a crucial role in shaping their children’s academic trajectory, and it is recommended that they invest a small amount of time in providing encouragement and motivation.

A formal promise

In the event that the client is dissatisfied with the tutor’s performance, please communicate this to us and we will arrange for a new tutor. Presently, there exists no contractual commitment.

Following the tuition teacher’s agreement to take on the assignments, the tutor is restricted from making any fee adjustments for the first four weeks.

The tutor behaviors mentioned are not tolerated, and we urge our client to communicate any occurrences to us for necessary intervention.

The tutor retains the power to end tutoring sessions when a valid reason presents itself.

Expenses Associated with Exclusive Learning Experiences

The tuition rates communicated to you by our coordinator are derived directly from the tutors.

The tuition rates, once established between the client and tutor, are immovable and non-negotiable.

Should the tutor propose an elevation in tuition fees without our approval, kindly inform us, as such action is disfavored by us. If complaints are made against a tutor, we will take the required steps.

The tuition charges displayed on our website are based on the average of the fees from the previous six months. The effectiveness of this guide extends to both clients and tutors, yet we cannot assure that tutors will quote within the given price range. Following the tutor’s confirmation of the tuition terms and schedule, any attempts to renegotiate the rate or schedule require our approval. Should the client and tutor reach a new arrangement concerning a reduced tuition fee, the original tuition rate, as confirmed by our liaison, remains the prevailing rate, we continue to be liable for the calculation of the commission amount.

In the event that the tutor proposes a change to the tuition fee or lesson schedule prior to the culmination of a four-week term, the client is obligated to notify us immediately.

Post-agreement on tuition, the client possesses the option to propose adjustments, which, however, necessitates the tutor’s approval.

If a shift in tutors becomes necessary, we will propose a suitable candidate based on your new preferences.

Commission and Payments
Our tuition agency imposes a commission fee of 50% on tutors for the initial four weeks of tuition payments. The second week of the tuition period will mark the due date for payment collection from our client. After the elapsed two-week term, clients will make their tuition payments directly to the tutor. In the event of a discontinuation of lessons by either the parent or tutor within the first month, we will be remunerated with half of the tuition fee as a termination fee.

Tutors’ Credential
The information in our tutor database remains unchanged We pass on genuine details to our clients, relying on the integrity of our tutors for authenticity. At the initial session, the client could ask the tutor to produce authentic copies of his or her credentials and papers. In the initial session, it is incumbent upon the client to verify the tutor’s qualifications and credentials for their approval.

The venue for tuition instruction will be at the students’ chosen locations. In the event that an alternative location is proposed, we are open to making the necessary accommodations. Regardless of whether the provided location is suitable or unsuitable for the lessons, we will not be held liable, and the session will be recorded as having taken place and paid for.

First Lesson
After the tutor has been approved, we advise against altering the schedule for the inaugural lesson. Schedule alterations can be executed solely when a student is unwell or faced with uncommon situations. We kindly request that clients inform us of any intended schedule changes prior to implementation, so that we may make the required adjustments. To guarantee a productive and secure learning experience, we suggest that you authenticate the identity and certifications of the tutor at the outset of the first lesson.

Cancellation and Postpone of Lesson
Clients possess the authority to make alterations to the schedule post-first lesson. It is not recommended by us that you schedule appointments during the allotted time frame, as the tutor has previously scheduled that time. If the client expresses a desire to make changes to the schedule, kindly communicate with the tutor to ascertain if the tutor is able to accommodate such amendments.

Our tuition agency disclaims liability for any insurance claims arising from issues, injuries, or losses. With regard to the aforementioned claims, this exception includes all related costs and expenses. We function as a tuition agency, linking students with private educators. We disclaim any responsibility for conflicts that may arise between the students and the tutors we recommend. We decline to act as a judge in matters of contention between the tutor and the client. We retain the authority to withdraw or deny the provision of our services to any tutor or client at our sole discretion.

Complaints From Clients
The manner in which tutors carry out their duties is essential in home tutoring. Clients’ feedback and complaints regarding the private tutor’s behavior and performance will be taken seriously, and the tutor may be requested to provide an explanation. Should a private tutor receive an excessive number of complaints, the probability of securing tutoring assignments from us will diminish significantly, and the tutor may be added to our blacklist.


The tutor would be answerable for any mishaps resulting in the loss or damage of the students’ property, including stationery, book etc.


This website is designed to streamline the process of finding and hiring the most suitable private tutors for parents and the students.

We reserve the right to amend our terms and conditions unannounced.