The Home Tuition Singapore Home Tutor Rates Guide

Tutors are categorized as per the experience and qualifications. In Singapore tutors are freelancers and they quote their own tuition rates. This guide shows the average Home tuition rates per hour based on the tutor’s experience, qualifications and standard taught.

The latest home tuition rate ranges from the tutor. It serves as a guide. The actual Home tuition rate may vary depending on the following factors:

(The average home tuition rate Singapore)

Primary 1 to 6

Student Level Undergraduate $25 – 30 per hour

Full-Time Tutor (Degree) $30 – 40 per hour

Ex / Current Teacher $50 – 70 per hour

Secondary 1 to 5

Student Level Undergraduate $30 – 35 per hour

Full-Time Tutor (Degree) $40 – 45 per hour

Ex / Current Teacher $50 – 80 per hour

JC 1 and 2

Student Level Undergraduate $40 – 45 per hour

Full-Time Tutor (Degree) $50 – 55 per hour

Ex / Current Teacher $80 – 130 per hour

(a) Qualification and teaching experience of the tutor

(b) Number of subjects chosen

If you are requesting for a single subject, the tuition rate usually of the same rate but comes with shorter hour, such as 1.5 hours per week. For single-subject likes Math or Chemistry, it can be a difficult subject and experienced qualified tutor do asking for a higher tuition rate. Some tutors have a different rate depending on the number of subjects, but the market is very competitive and transparent.

(c) Location of the student’s home.

It is time-consuming to travel ‘to and back’ to student place.

(d) Full-time tutor and Part-time tutor.

In Full-time this is the living of tutors that is earned through tutoring students. They travel from one student’s home to another to provide home tuition. The experienced full-time tutor has the ability to recognize each student’s weaknesses and the problem faced by students in studying. These are familiar with the syllabus as they have been teaching the same topics to different students. Also, full-time tutors do not waste time during the lesson because they have to complete the lesson on time. So they will reach the next student place on time.

Tuitions are the profession of part-time tutor and have busy during working hours. Moreover, the day job that each hold may be in a different field or discipline. A part-time tutor is available for tuition normally during weekends and in weekday’s evenings from 7 pm onwards. They are more eager to accept a slightly lower tuition rate for those hard-working students.