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Tutors Seek Jobs. Here at Tuition Family Singapore – Home Tuition Agency Singapore, we have many tutors eager to embark on their journey to guide young minds. As such we are able to match you with a tutor most suited to your needs and requests.

Some of our tutors are ex-MOE teachers. With their certifications in education as well as their years of teaching experience in the classroom environment, these tutors are well-trained in pedagogy. Their exposure to a great variety of students from different backgrounds and with temperaments equips them with the knowledge to better manage most students and situations. Also, these tutors often provide learning resources that are similar in format and content to the school syllabus, pulling from the experience they have had teaching in schools. As such, they are likely to deliver their tuition lessons in a way that best complements the school curriculum. These tutors are best suited for students who want to learn how to score in their school and national examinations in the shortest amount of time.

We also have full-time tutors with years of experience teaching private tuition. They too have brought many of their students to success. Teaching in the private sector can be an arduous journey, but these tutors have long since made a commitment to it. With tenacity and experience, they often excel at engaging students on a one-to-one basis. They also often come well-prepared with teaching resources that they have developed over the years. And because they have much experience in adapting their lessons to individual students, they are able to create customized lessons plans and notes to suit every single student.

Last, but certainly not least, we have part-time tutors who are just as passionate as the former about teaching. Some of them are, in fact, pursuing a teaching degree or diploma and have already set their sights on becoming a full-time tutor upon graduation. Our part-time tutors can have a variety of educational backgrounds. While some of them are undergraduates or fresh graduates from university, they could have had varied tertiary education experiences. Some could have graduated from Singapore’s IP stream, while others might have been from junior colleges. The speciality of these tutors is that they are usually much closer in age to the students. This allows them to better understand and connect with their students. This rapport often results in students feeling more inspired to learn. Furthermore, these tutors often retain their perspective of being students themselves. Being once in the same boat as their juniors, these tutors might be better able to relate to and thus, resolve their students’ troubles with understanding certain questions or concepts.

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