What do you think about MOE’s New Education Direction, a reduction in the number of examinations

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What do you think about MOE’s New Education Direction, a reduction in the number of examinations?

A tutor wrote about this topic in the year 2019. Starting in the year 2019, there were a lot of changes in the academic assessments being carried out in schools, in particular, at the primary and secondary levels. The Ministry of Education gradually rolled out these changes over the course of last year, allowing the public time to understand and get used to the new academic focuses. But even before the official public statement from the Ministry of Education, there have already been several schools who have altered their syllabuses and curriculum by removing certain weight assessments and tests.

In general, there has been a reduction in the number of tests and examinations that students have to undergo throughout their learning journeys. This was implemented in order to reduce result-orientation emphasis that has been in place for decades. Instead of the various weighted assessments and mid-year examinations that current primary and secondary students have to go through, there will be new subjects introduced as well as a revamped syllabus that possess more rigour and challenge. Without these examinations, curriculum time, of up to around three weeks, will be free up. This period of time can be utilised to impart to students twenty-first-century competencies such as character values and technical skill sets. Additionally, report books will no longer indicate the level and ranking of students and their classes. This helps reinforce the principle of bringing the focus of education back to learning instead of results. Another move that serves to contribute to this mindset change about education is the alteration of the criteria for Edusave Merit Bursary Awards. Instead of looking to academic results to award the students, the Minister of Education will be looking out for character values that demonstrate a passion for learning such as diligence, teamwork, curiosity and so on.

This new scheme brings the industry of private tuition to a different era. Long gone is the desperate chase for paper grades. Now, there’s an increased desire for holistic learning plans and private tuition Singapore business can play a big part in this development. This is so as students are better able to expose themselves to a variety of learning methods and content through private tuition. Teachers, without the restrictions of the school and ministry curriculum, is also better able to cater to the interests of their students, fostering a sense of curiosity and passion for learning.

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