Why Do Some Students Choose to Take Biology Subject?

Why Do Some Students Choose to Take Biology Subject?

One of the critical head-splitting decisions your child has to make is picking subjects towards the end of secondary 2. Most of them would often choose their favourites and the best they’ve been performing in. Some students, however, opt for combined science, with biology featured in the combo. But why do most students prefer to choose biology over other sciences? This article investigates why students prefer to advance with biology in their O-levels.


Biology is Hands-On


Biology is fun and engaging and offers a hands-on approach to learning much about the natural world compared to other subjects. There’s a lot your child can learn, from the human anatomy to the basics of life, like studying micro-organisms in the lab. Biology takes on the essential aspects of life, and your child can better understand the world they’re living in through hands-on science studying and field experiments. Moreover, students learn more about the existence of life and its sustainability in the dynamic, complex world. 


Studying biology out in nature is bliss and breaks the monotony of a day in the classroom or the lab. That’s a rare case with other sciences, including chemistry and physics, that doesn’t offer much to explore in the natural world. Your child gets to get out in the natural world and study living beings at the multi-cellular and microscopic levels. Besides, it puts their theory into practice, allowing them to understand the various interactions between the living and non-living world. Better yet, it helps them be more acquainted with life in its pure form, making learning fun and engaging. 


Ideal for Career Opportunities


Biology immensely contributes to the world’s future, opening up numerous career opportunities to the students who choose it. That’s, however, not to imply that other subjects don’t offer this opportunity, but biology provides numerous career options that are second to none. It’s a leeway to bag the most respectable jobs in the future. Students can become medical doctors, neurosurgeons, environmentalists, and teachers who aim to solve complex psychological and physiological issues. The best part is that this subject is broad, getting any of these careers is easy, and the requirements aren’t as high as in other fields. 


Your guidance is always helpful as a parent when choosing these career paths, and it helps your child decide which way is best for them. Especially so this help is handy when your child is split between choosing between going with pure or combined science. For the most part, the latter is usually more practical and broadens your child’s scope of careers, giving them a vast array of options to choose from. Schools help with this decision, and a home tutor in Singapore can still lend a hand. 


It’s the Centerpiece of Economic and Social Issues


Biology is the centrepiece for all social and economic issues and explains the basic to more complex problems facing humans. Being more familiar with this subject helps your child be more informed of what surrounds them and can make decisions that impact their lives in more remarkable ways. Your child can enjoy learning about genetically modified foods or the bacteria and viruses that interact with humans. That way, it’s pretty straightforward for them to make viable decisions on their health and hygiene.


Your child can also be wiser about the foods to eat, balancing their diet, and dealing with diseases in a more informed way. That shapes their social and economic spheres, making life more manageable. That might, however, demand a little of your help and guidance as a parent, making things clearer and adequately informing them of their options. Most parents leave this task to the schools, but private tuition teachers can still offer peace of mind to students who feel they’re at a crossroads. 


Biology is Broad


Biology is broad, and one of the fundamental reasons children choose to advance in this subject. Unlike other sciences, including physics and chemistry, biology covers every aspect of life and explains existence. That gives this subject a perfect broadness that students can effortlessly pick their preferred disciplines and whatever interests them. The best part is that every biology field offers a lot of learning about the general fundamentals of life, and every domain is exciting, fun, and engaging. 


Your child may be interested in the human brain and neurotransmission, a field that opens an extended scope of learning. Also, they may choose to go with botany, an area so expansive in biology. Other fields of biology exist, and your children can pick any that interests them, including microbiology, conservation, medicine, genetics or marine biology, among others. Your child may not be so much into all these disciplines since every field is profound and anchors deeper. However, choosing one or two areas can be enough and offer a basis for in-depth learning and excellent career paths. 


It’s a Leeway to Scientific Research


Biology is the root of every scientific research and offers ground for every research-oriented field. Right after your child joins secondary school, the schools equip them with the basics that help create a more solid ground for more advanced fields that aim to learn more about this complex world. That’s essential since scientific research has been incredibly helpful in the recent past, bringing to light the various discoveries that have shaped humanity.


Whether on private tuition in Singapore or learning from school, your child can master the art of research and use this knowledge in the future. Fields like microbiology and virology require proper scientific research acumen, which offers perfect anchoring for broader scientific investigations. Tutors in Singapore home tuition programs and school teachers usually stress the importance of learning about the fundamentals of biology and grasping that knowledge earlier on for a reason. This solid knowledge is essential for every learner who wants to pursue a research-oriented career in the future. 


It Teaches the Fundamental Aspects of Life


Biology explains life and defines everything that involves the simpler and more complex aspects of the interactions between living and non-living beings. It tries to explain how life came to be, which for most students, it’s more of an adventure back in time. It quenches the thirst and curiosity, the motivation behind studying biology for most students who choose to advance with it. 


There’s usually too much rigmarole behind the idea of life and how it came to be. And while other disciplines try to explain how life came to be comprehensive, there usually aren’t any consistencies. These contradictions can be confusing, and students need a more straightforward explanation. Religion and other disciplines try much, but biology is usually more consistent and delves more profoundly with research. Besides, the mesmerizing concept of life being more sustainable and every domain of it harmoniously existing sparks curiosity. Curious students find merry in learning much about how life came to be and will choose to take biology any day. 


More Lenient Requirements in the Grades


It’s easy to qualify for a biology-related university course than other subjects. The reason is clear: biology isn’t as complicated as other sciences that require an in-depth understanding of complex metric calculations. For the most part, such subjects have their topics and concepts built on one another, which can be too much work. However, biology concepts and topics aren’t dependent on the previous ones, and understanding them is quite a breeze. Besides, this subject doesn’t set the bar too high, and the criteria for selection into admission into colleges don’t require incredibly high grades. 


Understanding biology concepts is easy since they’re mainly straightforward. Besides, thanks to the numerous private tutors in Singapore, you can easily enrol your child in 1-to-1 home tuition in Singapore and get them to brush over what they seemingly understand less in class. Moreover, these home tuition rates aren’t way overboard, and your child gets to learn more than they do in class. That guarantees them the best shot at getting the best grades in class, tripling their chances of getting admission to a biology-related course in the university. However, the most significant disadvantage is that these low-grade requirements may increase the competition for related courses in the university. However, your child still stands a chance compared to other subjects and disciplines.


It Has Numerous Scholarship Opportunities


Biology is one of the best humanitarian disciplines involving research and solving issues nagging life and existence. For that reason, it’s a highly revered field that attracts numerous humanitarian groups that fund and enable projects that solve modern-world problems. That includes offering support to students willing to pursue a career in biology-related fields, adding more bullets to the arsenal fighting the war on the issues troubling humanity. 


For instance, the covid-19 pandemic ravaged the world, retarding economies and stalling activity. It’s offered a wake-up call for virtually every field to be more prepared for similar future scenarios and avoid potential compromise. Organizations have now come up, arming scientists with the knowledge and providing the financial backing to deal with future viral outbreaks. Any student who pictures that will easily pick biology and advance further into their interested fields, which for a fact, guarantees support through scholarships in advanced studies in the future. 


It Guarantees Employment in the Modern World


Biology is handy in helping students get jobs in the market. Unlike other subjects, this subject isn’t only broad with tons of disciplines. It’s also one of the most promising in terms of securing job opportunities in the future. Remember that every student dreams of getting guaranteed employment at the end of their lengthy and strenuous study period. And frankly, it frustrates your child if they aren’t able to apply the skills they learn in class and convert them into a way of earning a living. 


The best part is that learning the skills in this field helps students venture into entrepreneurship. They still have the chance to apply what they’ve learned in schools and Singapore private tuition programs. Students can be revered healthcare biologists and may significantly help with developing and running campaigns for finding the cure for genetic diseases like cancer and tuberculosis. The options aren’t limited since your child can still be a research biologist or develop consumer products that solve common human problems in health, cognition, and general physiology.


Learning Biology Helps with Bio-Entrepreneurship


Bio-entrepreneurs have become more rampant in the modern-day world, thanks to the helpful knowledge this subject provides. Your child can take an interest in doing business in the future, and pairing this subject with any business-related field can be handy. However, having the sole knowledge of the biology principles and concepts is sufficient and lets your child wade into bio-entrepreneurship with enough confidence and know-how. 


Numerous bio-entrepreneurship opportunities exist, and your child is spoilt for choice if they opt to go with biology. They can open a medicine store in the future, and their solid knowledge of biology, treatments, pathogens, and bio-chemicals can come in handy. Moreover, they can start lucrative companies that deal with synthesizing RNA and DNA for genetic editing or one that deals with genetic engineering to create a vast array of consumer products. That should guarantee sufficient income and supplement what they earn in the formal job sector. 


High Salary Potential


Students who take biology and advance with it understand how lucrative the career paths it provides can be. Biology is a fast-growing field and is opening up numerous career paths, most promising huge returns when students finally venture into the job market, and rightly so. But unlike other subjects and disciplines, learning biology doesn’t only guarantee heavy pay. Still, it emotionally rewards learners, knowing they’re part of the task forces directly solving humanity’s issues. 


A surgeon racks up tons of cash in salaries annually. Besides, a medical doctor also smiles at the bank each payday, which makes this subject preferable for students. Remember that your child goes through a lot for a good reward in the end, including getting a high-paying job. However, it’s prudent always to let them know that getting good pay shouldn’t be the focus of their attention, but the desire to solve problems and help make life better should guide them through. 




It’s relatively easy to see why some students prefer taking biology over other subjects. This subject is a treasure trove, from how engaging and fun it is or takes on the learning process to opening up numerous promising careers in the future. Essentially, biology equips learners with the ability to solve complex life issues surrounding humanity. If your child longs to take biology subject, they’re definitely on the right path. In that case, your help and support as a parent can be handy in guiding them through this exciting subject, and that includes enrolling them in Singapore’s private tuition programs.