Why Private Home Tuition Is Beneficial For Introverted Kids

Why Private Home Tuition Is Beneficial For Introverted Kids

No two children are the same – each child has different learning styles and needs according to who they are as an individual. More specifically, a child’s learning style and needs depend on a number of factors, an essential one of which is their personality. If you are frequent on the Internet, you may have probably already heard the terms’ extrovert’ and ‘introvert’. These are the two most common personality types that affect how children learn and interact with other kids.

An extrovert is essentially someone who feels energised by socialising in larger groups of people. In contrast, an introvert feels more comfortable spending time alone or with a smaller circle of friends. As they are remarkably distinct from each other, the learning styles and needs of extroverts and introverts also differ. If you think your child is more of an introvert, this article is especially for you – read on to find out why hiring a private tutor might just be ideal for your introverted child!


What does it mean to be an introvert? 

An introvert is a person who possesses the qualities of a personality type called ‘introversion’. Introversion is characterised as having a preference for quiet and low simulation surroundings and feeling more comfortable concentrating on one’s ideas and inner thoughts instead of what is happening externally.

Introverts love spending time with just one or two people instead of in big groups and crowds. After socialising, they typically feel exhausted and find that alone time helps them revitalise and feel more energised. To be clear, being an introvert is absolutely natural. Contrary to what some people may say, being an introvert is not an indication that something is wrong with you or your introverted child, as introversion is relatively common.


Why invest in a private home tutor for your introverted child? 

1. Introverts prefer learning with private tutors 

As mentioned earlier, introverts are not so fond of being in a large group of people. Hence, a typical classroom setting consisting of usually more than ten kids might be too burdensome for an introverted child since they may find large-group interactions exhausting. Most of the time, introverted children, who are more reserved, tend to prefer 1-to-1 or small group contacts over large-group interactions.

Nonetheless, this does not make introverts antisocial. Instead, they simply feel more at ease and comfortable learning in a small group or 1-to-1 setting as opposed to a huge classroom. By signing up your introverted child for 1-to-1 home tuition in Singapore, you can significantly lessen the social strain that typically results from dealing with people in larger groups.  

2. 1-to-1 home tuition provides a comfortable learning environment 

Classrooms with many kids can often be chaotic, boisterous, and overpowering. This may have an adverse effect on the ability of certain introverted kids to focus. They may find it difficult to concentrate on their work in class, which may then obstruct their learning and leave them clueless about what they should do next.

On the contrary, private home tuition can provide introverted children with a quiet, peaceful, and comfortable learning atmosphere where they can pay closer attention to their work at hand. A relaxed learning environment enables introverts to focus more, learn more comfortably, and perform better in their studies.

3. Home tuition gives introverts more time to respond to questions 

Unlike in a formal classroom setting, home tuition occurs in a much more laid-back environment where tutors can better assess every student’s learning requirements and achievements. This is mainly due to the fact that tutors do not have to divide their time between ten or more students when they provide 1 to 1 instruction.

Instead, tutors can give each student more time to think about their responses, formulate and organise their ideas, and generate more in-depth judgments on the subject matter they are studying. This is very much ideal for introverts who usually feel shy when participating in large-group discussions. Through private home tuition, introverted kids can gain a better understanding of their lessons and have more time to establish their own opinions about them.



An introvert indeed learns differently from an extrovert. If extroverts feel more mentally and intellectually stimulated in large-group settings like a typical classroom, introverts usually learn and perform a lot better in private learning settings where they can focus and express themselves more comfortably. Hence, if your child is an introvert, signing them up for 1-to-1 private home tuition is an incredible way to help them achieve their optimum learning potential!

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